Friday 30th August, 20.30- 0.2.00, The Grosvenor, SW9 0TP

Pit Pride Party.

Join us to celebrate the end of Armpits4August 2013 and show off your newly-grown pits with pride! Meet other first-time growers and long-time hairies whilst dancing to some awesome bands and DJs. We will also have cake/zines/badges/tees for sale, and a representative from Verity, the charity that we support.

Performances from:


A Gothic Folk singer, songwriter and Guitarist, whose lyrics touch on the taboo & the Mystical.

Alternative DIY ethos band with influences from heavy rock, opera, world music and poetry. Stemming from London and Lisbon Poeticat are an original mix of honest, thought-provoking poetry and catchy, genre-hopping music. Rebellious, authentic, exciting and theatrical Poeticat’s mind-bending, visceral journey will keep you whistling all the way home.

A vodka guzzling, multi-headed, instrument smashing feminist punk band set to blow your tiny minds. My Therapist Says Hot Damn set out to make riot grrrl music, but ended up sounding a bit like the kind of music that would be made if Ari Up had a lovechild with your mum after a night out on the town.

Plus DJing we have BAD REPUTATION and BETHANY (Dancing On My Own), woohoo!

Suggested donation £5 waged/£3 unwaged. All money goes towards running the campaign. Everyone of all genders welcome, whether you took part in the campaign or not. Queer/trans*-friendly and body(hair)-positive!

The Grosvenor, 17 Sidney Road, Stockwell, London SW9 0TP

Armpits4August is a month-long charity event for women and everyone with PCOS. Participants grow their armpit hair for a month and ask friends and family to sponsor them, with all money going to Verity, the charity for people with PCOS.


Saturday 27th July, 14.00 Central London, actual location TBC.

Pitmob London.

Release Your Inner Goddess demo 08/06/2021

Following on from last year’s successful ‘pitmobbing’ of the South Bank, on 27th July Armpits4August will be taking to the streets of London once again to spread the word about the campaign and hopefully sign up some new recruits for a month of growing.

Come along to show your pit pride, meet the team and spread the word!

Location tbc, but will be in central London close to a tube station. Everyone welcome, including children! Keep checking the website for details!


Saturday, 6th July 2013.     13.00-15.00

Hairy Body workshop, House of Brag.

Pit Wigging, 2012

Pit Wigging, 2012

Armpits4August are incredibly excited to be holding a workshop during the House of Brag’s two-week pop-up queerstravaganza!

We will be running a body-positive and empowering workshop on body hair. For many people - particularly those read as female or trans*/genderqueer - body hair can be a complicated and emotional issue. In this workshop we hope to have a safe, open and frank discussion on issues surrounding body hair, like feminism, gender and sexuality, intersectionality, capitalism and advertising. We will also be working on ways to support and encourage each other, from finding confidence for first-time growers to coming up with positive responses to negative situations that we might experience. This workshop is open to people of all genders and none, and to everyone from daily shavers to full-time hairies! If you’re thinking about taking part in Armpits4August 2013 then this is the perfect opportunity to come and meet us and see what it’s all about.

The venue is wheelchair-accessible but without adapted toilets. Here’s a map.

You can see the full programme of fabulous events at the House of Brag here.


Saturday 8th June 2013.    13.00

Reveal Your Inner Goddess with Armpits4August.

Pit Wigging, 2012

Pit Wigging, 2012

Reveal your inner (and outer) goddess by joining Armpits4August in protesting the body hair removal industry with all its sexist marketing and product pushing.

We will be meeting at Speakers’ Corner, Marble Arch station at 1pm then heading off to Oxford Street to pay a visit to some of the worst offenders.

Whether you’re as furry as a kitten’s tummy or smooth as a baby’s bum, dress like a goddess and show Gillette and co that whatever we choose to do with our bodies we’ve got it, yeah baby we’ve got it!

*This event is open to people of all genders and none, and should you wish to come as a deity of a different gender (ie. not a goddess) then please do! Children welcome too.*
@Armpits4August #pitpride

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