Tips and how-to’s

How to… grow your armpit hair.


In the early stages of growing armpit hair some women experience itchiness. In our experiences this usually doesn’t last longer than one week. We don’t know why growing out your armpit hair can be itchy, but it is not always due to ingrown hair. Maybe your skin just isn’t used to hair growing out of it anymore. Just give it some time. You can apply some skin care cream in the evening if you want to. Your armpit skin deserves the attention.


It is claimed that armpit hair transfers sweat away from your skin which should lead to a better underarm ventilation, but some people don’t find this to be the case at all and smelliness might increase. We had good experiences with shampooing your armpit hair – you can either use shampoo or a foamy shower gel. It is actually quite fun, so just experiment to see what works best for you.

Deodorant can be used in the same way as on non-hairy pits, but you may find the stick deodorants a bit cloggy so you could give a roll-on or spray type a go.

Rumour has it that armpit hair helps disperse pheromones, so it could make you even more attractive.

Uneven growth

It isn’t unusual that each armpit will have a different amount or growth pattern. Bodies aren’t totally symmetrical, so your armpits and their hair aren’t either. So don’t worry that your armpits are freaky – just try to love your individual armpits as they are. Care for your hair, enjoy caressing it while reading or watching the telly and feel the wind breeze through it when you lift your arms in the summer!


Whichever dye you use, make sure that you test first if you are allergic to the dye. Read the instructions carefully, especially since your armpits are very sensitive.

When your armpit hair is quite dark and you want a bright colour like purple, pink or blue, you should bleach them first. It is best to use body hair bleach for this, because normal hair bleach is very strong and probably really painful to use on armpit hair.

We advocate the use of vegan and cruelty-free hair dye. Just google it and you will find that there is a range of products matching your needs and price range.

If you can, get a friend to help you with the dyeing process. You will need to cover the inside of your upper arm with plastic wrap and place some plastic wrap or alumium foil under the ends of your armpit hair. Use a brush to apply the dye and use the dye to brush the hair down onto the foil. Try to avoid getting too much dye on your skin. Lie still for the time the dye needs to develop. Wash it out. Voilà.

You should use dye that won’t wash out too easily to avoid colourful sweat stains. You shouldn’t wear white or bright coloured tops, at least the first few days, to make sure your colourful armpits don’t bleed out and ruin your clothes.

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